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A scenic neighborhood along Cascade Lake

Cascade is a very small community located along the shores of Cascade Lake. It is highly desirable for its privacy and exclusivity, comprised of some of the most affluent residents of California. Cascade is perfect for people who want to live in an isolated community with access to the best outdoor recreation possible. 

Since Cascade is located in a highly mountainous region of California, many of the homes in Cascade are built to withstand mountain conditions. They are spaced far apart; however, there is still a strong sense of community in Cascade, given the neighborhood’s small population. Homes in Cascade are often upscale cabins and ranches with rustic elements and stone and wood decorations. Exposed wood beams and open floor plans are highly common in Cascade homes. There are also many lakeside properties in Cascade, with wide windows to view the crystal waters. Most homes are very grandiose, given the affluent nature of the homeowners. 

What to Love

  • Scenic views of nature
  • Opportunities for outdoor activities
  • Small-town charm and elegance
  • Community events and festivals nearby

Local Lifestyle

Locals of Cascade take pride in living in a serene, quaint forestry sanctuary. The community of Cascade can rely on neighbors for assistance and socialization since it is so small, but there are plenty of places to venture beyond the confines of Cascade. Lake Cascade, while a charming lake that is perfect for relaxing beach days, is no comparison to Lake Tahoe in size and water recreation only a short drive away.

In addition, mountain regions nearby are perfect for those who prefer engaging in winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding. During the summer months, these mountains are ideal for hikes as well. Thus, locals of Cascade prefer living active lifestyles while enjoying the luxury of a tranquil, warm home to return to.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

The South Lake Tahoe region has plenty of opportunities for fabulous dining. Swiss Lakewood is a bit of a drive away from Cascade but is one of the most upscale restaurants. It serves delicious American fare combined with Swiss influences. The eatery has an idyllic outdoor patio with an interior that has elegant designs. 

Another wonderful spot for the optimal fine dining experience is Sorensen’s Cafe. The restaurant is tucked within the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe, known for its rustic decorations and extensive beverage list. It is perfect for breakfast before a long hike or an end-of-day replenishment. Also, locals love going to Evan’s American Gourmet Café for special occasions and romantic date nights. It is set in a luxury cabin in South Lake Tahoe and offers irresistible American cuisine. 

There are a variety of shopping complexes in the Lake Tahoe region. One of the closest to Cascade is the Village Shopping Center. This bustling, exciting center is full of restaurants, shops, art galleries, crafts, and even ice skating. It is highly upscaled and well-maintained throughout the year. 

Things to Do

Of course, many of the things that you can do in and around Cascade are outdoor activities. Cascade is located along Cascade Lake, which offers plenty of opportunities for relaxed boating and sunbathing along the coastline. It also has a long trail that is perfect for a long hike. Lake Tahoe is just a short drive away from Cascade and has even more options for lake activities. Several beaches surround the large, breathtaking lake for locals to go to near Cascade and also is ideal for kayaking and swimming, among other things to do on the water. 

Cascade is also conveniently located by Emerald Bay State Park. The park is home to the historic Vikingsholm Castle and the only island in the Lake Tahoe region, Fannette Island. Emerald Bay State Park has plenty of trails and overlooks to see some of the best views in South Lake Tahoe. It is easily accessible by Highway 89. Finally, Camp Richardson is a nearby resort full of even more outdoor recreation. The resort hosts a variety of boat trips and skiing and hiking adventures in the mountains. It is an amazing spot for camping in a more controlled environment.


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