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Being a Lake Tahoe real estate agent is about more than just taking buyers on tours or posting property advertisements for sellers. While the technical job of a real estate agent may be to simply assist in the home sale process, in reality, their role is far more complex. Real estate is, first and foremost, an industry dedicated to serving people. The decisions made by agents determine which property a buyer selects or how many offers a seller receives. Since these choices will affect the lives of clients for years to come, choosing a great real estate agent is essential.

Having served within Nevada and California as real estate experts for many years, Chris and Brooke Hernandez have encountered many real estate professionals throughout their careers and know what makes a good real estate agent. When determining what to look for in a realtor, they encourage buyers and sellers to seek those who exemplify real estate agent characteristics that are reflective of a dedicated work ethic and strong moral compass.

As you prepare to enter the housing market, you’re probably wondering how to find a good real estate agent. By following Chris and Brooke’s advice on how to choose a realtor, look for these four qualities, and you’ll be teamed up with a highly skilled professional in no time.


Since their decisions have such an enormous impact on the lives of their clients, a great real estate agent is always honest and upholds a high level of integrity. Great realtors prioritize the needs of their clients above their own, and their primary focus is finding them a beautiful property or helping them earn a substantial profit on their home. They will take the time to listen to the unique needs of buyers and sellers to ensure their experience is positive and pleasant rather than pushing them into a deal against their best interest just so they can receive a quicker commission check. They will be completely transparent when describing properties, giving a full overview of the home’s condition, and they won’t try to steer those they work with outside of their price range. They will take time to thoroughly explain each offer and your options, as well as the pros and cons that come along with it. A great real estate agent cares about not only closing the deal but the people they work with too.


Buying or selling a home can be very emotional, and a great real estate agent has compassion for what their clients are going through. Saying goodbye to a family home to move to a new area or finding a property that will be the place you make memories for years to come is a highly sentimental experience. Furthermore, due to what a big financial expense buying a home or moving can be, the process may be a bit stressful as well. A great Lake Tahoe real estate agent will understand what you’re going through and offer their support however they can.

Find a real estate agent who treats you like more than just a client. You should never be worried that you’re calling to ask too many questions or nervous about asking them to take you to see more properties if you just aren’t certain you’ve found the right one. When working with a great real estate agent, they’ll treat you like a friend or a part of the family that truly wants what’s best for you and won’t want you to settle for anything less.


A great real estate agent has the professional experience necessary to succeed in their local housing market. Real estate agents need to be experts on the neighborhoods they serve, possessing knowledge about not only their properties but their communities as well. Every great real estate agent knows how their local housing market operates and possesses an extensive professional network in the neighborhood. They will use this network to connect their clients with services they need and connect with other agents who may be representing buyers interested in their listings or sellers with homes matching their clients’ needs.

When representing a buyer, an experienced real estate agent will know how to locate the most desirable properties and help buyers make attractive offers. When representing sellers, they will provide valuable advice on how to improve the property before listing it and will determine how to price it, market it, and present it to buyers. They will also assist buyers and sellers during negotiations.


A great real estate agent needs to use all the tools available at their exposure to find properties or get homes sold, and this requires a level of resourcefulness. Great Lake Tahoe realtors are experts with the Multiple Listing Service, both in searching for homes and identifying competition for sellers, and they will know how to perform a detailed comparative market analysis to evaluate what a fair market value on a listing should be. They are also highly skilled when it comes to digital marketing, knowing how to promote listings through digital, social, and print media platforms, as well as how to locate listings that are new to the market. From their professional tools to their social contacts, a great real estate agent is resourceful and uses everything available to help their clients close a deal.

Finding the perfect real estate agent for you takes work, but by knowing what to look for in a realtor, you’ll be able to tell which ones will be able to assist you the most. By selecting those who exhibit desirable real estate agent characteristics and qualities, such as being honest, compassionate, experienced, and resourceful, you’ll be selecting an agent from a pool of skilled candidates.

If you’re planning to purchase or sell a home in Lake Tahoe or its surrounding neighborhoods and are in the process of finding a real estate agent to work with, contact Chris and Brooke today. With years of experience successfully closing deals on an array of beautiful properties in highly competitive markets, Chris and Brooke will guide you through the transaction every step of the way until you find the perfect home for you or earn top dollar on your listing. Contact them today.


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