14 Reasons to Relocate to Zephyr Cove

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Zephyr Cove is an excellent location if you want to invest in a real estate property. Whether looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, various compelling reasons can make you relocate to this location.
If you are looking forward to living in Zephyr Cove, it is essential to work with a realtor to help you acquire that luxurious dream house quickly. Chris and Brooke Hernandez are successful real estate experts in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and California who highly specialize in buying and selling real estate in the region. Read on to learn more about living on Zephyr Cove and why Live Tahoe Real Estate is your ideal realtor team.

Waterfront properties

There are various waterfront properties available at Zephyr Cove. Lake Tahoe boasts miles of sandy beaches and is easily accessible from most waterfront properties. Enjoy the view from your waterfront property of the long sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe.
If you are an avid lover of water sports, the waterfront properties provide easy access to Lake Tahoe, where you can enjoy activities such as boating, wake surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. You can also enjoy taking walks on the sandy beaches or engaging in beach activities on the sandy beaches. Depending on the location of the waterfront property, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the beach.

Space and exclusivity

A property on a large parcel of land is not easy to get. Zephyr Cove is a good location if you are looking for a property on large tracts of land. There are properties in Zephyr Cove with extensive gardens, lush landscapes, and a large house with bigger rooms.

Golf courses

Zephyr Cove is an excellent location if you are an avid golfer. With properties boasting large parcels of land, you can create your golf course on your property. This comes in handy if you want to golf from the comfort of your residence or host a golf match with friends or family. You can also sign up for membership from the various golf clubs available in and around Zephyr Cove.

The view of the area

Zephyr Cove is a natural beauty. There are plenty of scenic features in the area, such as sandy beaches, blue waters, landscapes, parks, green landscapes, and forests. The site has exotic views, and you can easily enjoy these views from the comfort of your balcony. You can also enjoy the best sunrise and sunsets from the view of the lake and other life forms in nature such as the birds.


Zephyr Cove is an area that is friendly to families. With the availability of spacious properties, you can easily engage in family bonding activities in your compound. There are plenty of communal areas to hang out with the family, such as the parks, the sandy beaches, and the various forest trails where you can go for activities such as horse riding or nature walks.
Quality education facilities are present in the area where one can enroll for schooling. The low population of Zephyr Cove makes the area a tight-knit community with plenty of communal bonding activities throughout the year.

Cultural diversity

Zephyr Cove is a culturally diverse area with different cultural and ethnic groups of people within the region.

Swimming pools

If you enjoy a good swim, there are plenty of properties in Zephyr Cove that have extensive, modern swimming pool options. Whether you are targeting a property with an infinity pool for that edgeless swimming pool look, a standard pool, or a grande family swimming pool, you can score such in Zephyr Cove.
There are properties in the area with in-house swimming pools that make an excellent choice for privacy and easier accessibility at any given time. You can also purchase a property with a swimming pool with features such as mood lighting, heated pools, waterfalls, waterslides, water fountains, or fire features.

Homes with cutting-edge technology and innovative home features

There are properties in Zephyr Cove with advanced technological and smart home features such as;
  • Smart thermostats for temperature control
  • Home lifts to ease access to different floors of the house
  • Remote access to your property enables you to access and have complete control of some home systems and features while far away
  • Automatic features that enable you to control the lighting, opening or closing of doors or windows
  • Central switching location, smart plugs, and hidden charging stations
  • Smart security systems customized to your security needs
  • Motion detectors and motion sensor lighting
  • Multi-room audio systems
These innovative home features and technologies are crucial in the maintenance of the property, overall functionality, and helping you enjoy your property.

Recreational and sports activities

There are a variety of outdoor recreational sports activities that you can indulge in at Zephyr Cove. You can go for a walk on the sandy beaches or indulge in activities such as volleyball in the beach area. There are plenty of water sports you can indulge in, such as boat riding, kayaking, or canoeing in the blue waters of Lake Tahoe.
You can also enjoy swimming in the lake for a great outdoor experience. With the various trails, you can go hiking or horse riding on these trails. You can also plan an outdoor camping experience. During winter in Zephyr Cove, you can engage in winter sports such as skiing.

Ample and modern parking space

In Zephyr Cove, you can get a property with ample parking space for your motor vehicles. With the low population in the area, you can easily get a parking space if you want to drive around the city. There are properties in Zephyr Cove with not just spacious but also modern garages to park or display your cars.
There are properties with garages with features such as LED lighting, controlled temperatures, and security features such as cameras and motion detectors. The longer driveways in some properties offer more security to your car and make parking more convenient.

Pet friendly

The expansive space afforded by some of the properties in Zephyr Cove makes it easier to have a larger play area for pets. With ample indoor or outdoor space, you can construct a pet house and other play stations for the pets. The availability of properties with longer driveways and expansive indoor and outdoor space makes it easy to take your pet for a walk around your property.
The modern house technologies and innovative home features allow you to monitor your pets through security systems such as cameras easily. House with automatic doors and gates that can be opened remotely through your mobile device make a great feature. Pets can easily access outdoor areas without needing to open the doors constantly.
Gated properties come in handy in helping to provide security to your pets. The pets can roam around your property without the worry of them wandering off. With the availability of pet-friendly beaches, you can take your pet for a walk on the beach or a swim. Pet-friendly parks in Zephyr Cove make an excellent option if you want to spend time with your pet in the park.

Houses with spacious ultra-modern rooms

There are properties in Zephyr Cove with spacious and modern rooms. These properties have rooms with large balconies, raised ceilings, custom-made luxe furniture, large windows, and en-suite bedrooms, quality interiors, such as floor finishes, painting, and theme walls.
There are fully fitted, high-end indoor and outdoor kitchens with modern appliances such as in-built refrigerators and automatic dishwashers. The kitchens have quality finishing materials such as the floors and cabinets and additional features such as a beverage area and a walk-in pantry for ample storage.
The bathroom facilities may include a spacious shower area, a bathtub, a steam cubicle, a toilet, and a sink. Some properties have large walk-in closets with quality bespoke interiors to help accommodate all your closet purchases. They also have additional features such as sound security systems that you can easily control from your phone or computer.
Properties in Zephyr Cove that have large spaces have one or two in-house offices, which might be located indoors or outdoors. With the presence of houses developed in larger spaces, you can get yourself a house with an office that will make working from home more accessible.
With the availability of houses with fully fitted gym facilities, you can keep fit in the comfort of your home. You can also take advantage of a property with great outdoor space and exercise while surrounded by the scenic environment in Zephyr Cove.


Zephyr Cove experiences warmer, sunny days during summer and autumn, making it excellent weather for chilling outdoor or engaging in outdoor activities such as swimming. There is snow in Zephyr Cove during winter, but you can still experience sunshine during winter.


There are properties in Zephyr Cove that have features that enable you to experience privacy in your property. Features such as fenced houses and advanced security systems in some places will allow you to enjoy the privacy of your house. The availability of homes falling in more extensive lands enables you to enjoy privacy away from close neighbors.

Make Zephyr Cove your investment location

If you are set out to invest in a real estate property in Zephyr Cove, it is crucial that you walk the journey with a trusted real estate firm. Chris and Brooke Hernandez at Live Tahoe Real Estate will help you easily navigate the task of purchasing a property in Zephyr Cove. Contact Live Tahoe Real Estate today to learn more about buying a home in Zephyr Cove.


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